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Always adhere to the market guide, adhere to independent research and development, build its own research and development system and platform, industry research as a whole, the technology into the results, and with the floor. Has and Guangdong Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences Soil Research Institute jointly established the regeneration of agricultural resources "Research Institute; and domestic and foreign well-known experts and research institutions to jointly invest to build the. Public agricultural biomass coke resources comprehensive utilization Institute, creating fertilizer enterprises self built public R & D platform industry precedent.
Introduction of international leading research team, new biomass carbon soil improvement agent innovation and research, research and development of new biomass carbon and soil improvement agent innovation research team to develop and research and industrialization of new biomass carbon soil improvement agent, the core team members include senior researcher and Professor 5, senior engineer 1, 20 companies with project personnel. Core members in the development of biomass carbon products, waste disposal and resource, heavy metals and organic pollutants contaminated soil remediation, biomass carbon and agricultural sustainable development and other areas of research work, and bring the process is mature, and take full advantage of the team leaders and core members of the Institute, scientific research institutes have a series of equipment and related equipment.