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  • 2014
    "Renewable resources, agricultural and soil improvement engineering and technology research and development center" by the Dongguan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau expert on-site assessment
  • 2013
    Key technology research and industry demonstration of the non soil cultivation substrate for the development of the industry and agriculture wastes in Guangdong province"
    The introduction of international advanced research team, a new type of biomass carbon soil improvement agent innovation research team"
    Guangdong province small and medium-sized enterprise bureau that we use renewable resources of agricultural and soil improvement and innovation industrialization base for small and medium enterprises in Guangdong Province, innovation and industrialization demonstration base"
  • 2012
    Public agricultural and domestic and foreign well-known experts and research institutions to jointly invest to build public agricultural biomass coke resources comprehensive utilization Institute ", and create a fertilizer enterprises self built public R & D platform industry precedent
    Soil conditioner, biological organic fertilizer to obtain "high-tech products" title of Guangdong Province
  • 2011
    Public agricultural commitment to the national Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of finance agricultural science and technology transformation project funds "organic - inorganic soil conditioner (calcium magnesium fertilizer) of industrialization and application"
  • 2009
    The public agricultural bear the major project "desulfurization ash and potash ore fertilizer demonstration project"
  • 2008
    Take public agricultural project "key areas of Guangdong papermaking sludge harmless treatment technology and biological organic fertilizer development"
  • 2007
    The public agricultural undertaking development application of the national Spark Program project "an annual output of 150000 tons of acidic soil improvement agent"
  • 2006
    Guangdong Province Public Agricultural bear social development project "research and application of annual output of 200000 tons of tianshifu soil conditioner"
    The public take Guangdong Province agricultural key technological transformation projects "with an annual output of 150000 tons of research and industrialization and application of controlled / slow release fertilizer"
  • 2005
    Guangdong Province Public Agricultural bear social development project "sludge harmless treatment and resource utilization of agricultural city"
  • 2004
    Bear the mass agricultural Dongguan high-tech enterprises and application of major projects "alkaline industrial waste harmless of processing technology and soil conditioner use"
  • 2003
    Study on the soil mass and the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Science Institute jointly established "research of agricultural renewable resources"