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  • 2015
    Three new board listing, stock code: 833759
    Tower technology upgrade successfully completed
  • 2014
    "Tian master" to obtain the title of national well-known trademarks;
  • 2013
    Dongguan City, "2006-2013 seven consecutive years to keep the contract re - Credit enterprises";
    Identified as the first batch of Guangdong Province, the first batch of key innovative small and medium enterprises";
  • 2012
    "Master chef Tian" soil conditioner was approved by the Ministry of agriculture, become Guangdong Province, the first with soil conditioner formal registration certificate of the fertilizer manufacturers;
  • 2011
    To complete the transformation of the stock system, the creation of Guangdong Volkswagen agricultural Polytron Technologies Inc";
    Full year to complete all kinds of fertilizer sales more than 200000 tons, ranking the second fertilizer manufacturers in Guangdong province;
    Jointly organized by the national Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of Commerce, the 2011 national soil organic matter to enhance project subsidies soil conditioner procurement project ", the public agricultural field" master "soil conditioner has awarded Sichuan, Hubei, Anhui, Guangxi, Guangdong Province soil conditioner procurement, cumulative 32.04 million mu.
  • 2010
    "Tian master" soil conditioner named "Guangdong Province famous brand products";
  • 2009
    Dongguan City, city, the three consecutive year to keep the contract re - Credit enterprises";
  • 2008
    "Tian master" brand was named "Guangdong province famous brand";
    Access to "national high-tech enterprise" certificate;
  • 2007
    Compound fertilizer tower was put into operation, Guangdong province has become the second high tower production process of fertilizer manufacturers;
    Dongguan Municipal People's Government awarded the "Dongguan science and technology progress award";
  • 2006
    Enterprises through the GB/T19001-2000idtISO9001:2000 quality management system certification";
    Obtain the Sixth National Invention Exhibition gold";
    Issued by the Ministry of science and technology won the "national Spark Program certificate";
  • 2002
    Dongguan City Public Agricultural Technology Co., ltd.;
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