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The company has soil governance related to a number of independent intellectual property rights and core technology, core competitive advantage prominent, has been made in 18 patents, 9 of which are invention patents, 9 utility patents, with "produced by ammonia soda process waste liquid recycling method and device, a using method of alkali slag in the production of granular fertilizer, a production of paper sludge alkaline organic fertilizer method, using a sludge closed type aerobic composting method" 6 national key new products.

The center of agricultural and soil improvement projects of the national renewable resources and the laboratory of the Agricultural Chemical Research Institute of Dongguan. Has undertaken the national Spark Program, the national agricultural research results transformation fund project, Guangdong key projects in key areas, Guangdong Province and research combined with key projects, Guangdong Province of major projects such as the other province and city level research projects. To be responsible for the drafting of China soil conditioner industry standards, "master chef Tian" soil conditioner is only industry in a register of the national Ministry of agriculture and won the green production material certification brand new environment-friendly fertilizer.
In the research, has with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences of vegetables and flowers Research Institute, Guangdong Academy of agricultural science, soil and Fertilizer Research Institute, South China University of technology, Zhejiang University of agriculture and forestry and other several research institutions long-term cooperation, work together in paper mill sludge, alkali slag, desulphurization waste slag and other industrial and agricultural waste agricultural renewable resources Xun central use multi field of popularization and application, out of a combination of the characteristics of the development.