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"With all the force, is matchless; with wisdom, is fearless in saint"。Through "strengthen the team spirit, create a competitive atmosphere, strengthen the cooperation and communication, deepen the service spirit", is committed to creating a high-quality, professional, service marketing team. Adhering to the "to help the farmers Hing home help customers Liye" marketing idea, want to customers think, urgent farmer anxious, to be faithful partner of our customers, do the farmers trusted friends. To form a professional agrochemical service team, combined with the law of rural society, give full play to the rural social contact close, deep in the vast rural areas, extensive scientific research, take concentration of troops to break through a typical drive, fully grasp the rural first-hand information, expand the agrochemical service force. Listen to the voice of farmers' products, have a look on the agriculture industry requirements, analyzes the existing problems in the agricultural service. Scientific guidance to farmers on the proper fertilization, soil testing and field management, fruit and vegetable diseases such as technical support, a full range to provide advisory agricultural and agricultural prosperity, and other relevant information, surly for farmers to do something practical.
"Speak to the purpose of agricultural service farmers, farmers with a dry, to do for the peasants". By vertical the competition brand manufacturers agrochemical service mode, lateral mass agrochemical service experiences over the past few years, also according to the company's existing resources matching, and gradually establish following agrochemical service module. As the engine, the farmers will focus on the organization of farmers will focus on the retail store, soil testing, demonstration, to do a good job in the local market research and soil acidity data collection.