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Potato high yield fertilization

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Potato, also known as potatoes, is a high starch tuber crops, the growth period of the seedling, the formation and growth of the tuber, starch accumulation period. Potato in the whole growth period, the absorption of potassium fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer at least. Different growth periods have different characteristics of nutrient needs. At seedling stage, because of the rich nutrition of the tubers, it needs less nutrient, and it takes about 1/4 of the whole growth period. Tuber formation and growth period, the growth of shoots and tubers and tuber expansion, the need to be more fat, about the total amount of fertilizer 1/2. Starch accumulation period, the need for less nutrient, accounting for about 1/4 of the whole growth period. Can be seen that the formation of the tuber and the growth period of the nutrient supply is adequate, to improve the yield and starch content of potatoes play an important role.

Potato growing adaptability is strong, can be planted throughout the country, the general growth period is 90-110 days, 1000 kg per production of potato, the need to absorb nitrogen 3.5-5.5 kg, phosphorus (P2O5) 2.0-2.2 kg, 10.6-12.0 kg, P2O5:K2O N: 4.5:2.1:11.3, or 1:0.5:2. If the per mu yield of 1500 kg of potatoes, need to absorb nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, an average of 7, 3, 17 kg. Nitrogen can promote the growth of stems and leaves, and the accumulation of starch and protein. P promotes the growth of the plant, improves the quality of the tubers and the resistance to storage, and increases the content of starch and yield. K promotes the accumulation of starch in the late period of potato growth, and promotes the resistance and cold resistance of the plant. In addition, the potato of boron and zinc is sensitive, boron is in favor of tuber bulking, to prevent cracking, on plant photosynthetic production rate special effects.
Fertilization technology of potato should follow to farm fertilizer, fertilizer supplement, basic principles, proper dressing.
Return to base. Potato is a tuber crop, like a loose sandy soil, which requires a cool climate. Fertilizer dosage usually accounts for more than two-thirds of the total amount of fertilizer, fertilizer is dominated by the full maturity of farmyard manure, increasing application of a certain amount of fertilizer, especially phosphorus and potassium fertilizer as base fertilizer, it can improve the soil physical properties and is conducive to the growth and tuberization. The basal nitrogen amount accounted for about 50%, is the base fertilizer application methods before planting furrow or hole, about 15 cm deep. Specific fertilizer for yield 1500 kilograms of plots, every mus apply organic fertilizer 1500-2500 kg, 20 kg of urea, calcium superphosphate 20-30 kg, 10-12 kg of potash, or high nitrogen and high potassium type compound fertilizer 40-60 kg, the high yield region of fertilizer can be appropriately increased. Fertilizer to be applied to the 2-3 cm from the seed, to avoid direct contact with the seed potato, after fertilization.
Early dressing. According to the growth period of potato fertilizer rational application. Seedlings to nitrogen fertilizer, can be combined with earth row per mu 5-8 kg of urea on water, is conducive to survival. Potato after flowering, which generally do not rhizosphere fertilizer, especially not topdressing nitrogen fertilizer, potato after flowering, mainly to foliar P, K, 50 kilograms per mu, foliar spraying 0.3-0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution, if the lack of nitrogen, increase 100-150 grams of urea, sprayed once every 10-15 days, even 2-3 times. Potato of boron and zinc is more sensitive, if soil boron deficiency or zinc deficiency can be 0.1-0.3% borax or zinc sulfate root spraying, spray once every 7 days, even twice, with per mu of solution 50-70 kilograms can be. In particular, to remind farmers of friends, potato is a potassium crops, in the balance of fertilizer should pay special attention to the application of potash fertilizer. At the same time, should not be excessive application of chlorine fertilizer, such as potassium chloride, potassium sulfate should be used, otherwise it will affect the quality of potato.