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The apple tree base fertilizer in autumn nine

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Pay attention to the time of fertilization of base fertilizer in autumn in the apple tree in late maturing varieties before and after harvest, sooner rather than later. At high temperatures, rainfall, basal has plenty of time decomposition, leaf function has not yet been recession, strong photosynthetic function, nutrient return to the roots, peak coincided with the root growth of apple trees and cleared to heal and give birth to a large number of root and root resorption and to increase the nutritional level of the tree.

Note that the best area of fertilization in the general election of the fruit tree crown of the projection of the edge of a little far away, the whole garden fertilization should be 1 meters away from the trunk. From the depth, in the range of 10 to 35 cm from the surface of the root of the total amount of 80% or so, fertilization depth of 50 cm is appropriate.
Pay attention to both cyclic furrow, radiation furrow or strip furrow fertilization method, or the whole park broadcasting, cannot make fertilizer to agglomerate into blocks, should make good compost organic manure and chemical fertilizers fully and uniformly mixing the rhizosphere soil, ventilation dispersers fertilizer, slow release for tree sucking nutrients, to improve nutrient utilization rate.
Pay attention to the protection of roots especially protecting growth at all levels of lateral roots of fine roots. Dagen ditching exposed after the full stretch, and buried in the soil in, with the turn over buried, to prevent long-term weather root to drain. At the same time, the root to cut pruning, to facilitate the early healing of rooting.
Pay attention to the application of organic manure in the application of organic fertilizer, which can effectively improve the soil. High quality and high yield orchard organic content should be 2% ~ 3%, 1.5 ~ 2 kilograms of apples per kg of organic fertilizer.
Pay attention to the organic fertilizer to maturity will be manure, grass and straw mixed, add appropriate amount of water sealed with mud heap, and high-temperature composting treatment, fertilizer full maturity, nutrient preliminary decomposition of re-use.
Pay attention to reasonable formulation of fruit trees of various elements of demand have a certain proportion, young fruit trees need more amount of phosphorus, usually 2 times higher than that of nitrogen, potassium, so nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium can be prepared by 1:2:1. After entering into the fruit, the fruit trees need the amount of nitrogen, potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium can be prepared by 2:1:2.
Attention of increasing amount of microelement fertilizers when lack of fertilizer demand fruit susceptible to nutrient deficiency, iron deficiency will appear yellows, zinc deficiency can lobules disease. The commonly used fertilizer ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate and borax etc.. But it is necessary to pay attention to, ferrous sulfate and applied directly buried will soon transformed into insoluble compounds, so with organic fertilizer facilities at the same time into effect better. Borax best with organic fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer and other mixed use.
Pay attention to the use of a single application of a certain kind of fertilizer, easy to change the pH of the soil, acid and alkaline fertilizer can not be applied simultaneously. Acidic fertilizer should be applied in alkaline soil, such as ammonium sulfate, calcium superphosphate, ammonium chloride, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate; alkaline fertilizer should be applied in acid soil, such as ash, lime nitrogen, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, slag phosphate and sodium nitrate and sodium nitrate. Proper use of acid and alkali fertilizer can improve the utilization of fertilizer, and gradually improve the soil, is conducive to the healthy growth of the root system of fruit trees.