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The fertilization should be available.

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The low winter temperatures, weaken the ability of microbial activities, need fertilizer conversion efficiency is slow. The winter vegetable growth, need to be fully tested. The way to solve this problem is to recover the quick acting fertilizer.

Nitrogen fertilizer use ammonium hydrogen carbonate, phosphate fertilizer as far as possible selection of superphosphate, potassium fertilizer can use potassium chloride (but potatoes, tomatoes and other crops avoid chlorine growth in the latter should be selected potassium sulfate) and compound fertilizer can choose 45% ternary compound fertilizer and farmyard manure can be decomposed human excrement and urine.
This is because, compared with urea, ammonium hydrogen carbonate belongs to ammonium nitrogen fertilizer and fertilizing soil can be absorbed by the plants, unlike urea by the effects of low temperature and slow fertilizer effect, thus affecting the growth of crop, which belongs to the amide nitrogen fertilizer and need to secrete urea bacteria in the soil urea enzyme converted into ammonium nitrogen available for root uptake.
Superphosphate containing P2O5 content 14%~20% (of which 80% ~ 95% solution in water), which belongs to the water soluble phosphate available, the fertilizer efficiency is faster than that of calcium magnesium phosphate.