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Hongroumiyou fertilization techniques

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ONE, the red meat honey pomelo yield a good harvest, a year is winter, the winter good or bad management decisions yield level in the coming year the main topic. In the winter of citrusgrandis began to enter the flower bud differentiation and flower bud differentiation period. Must grasp the technical measures in the winter, to promote the strong tree, the flower to seize the next year. "Frost" and "Lidongben" Application of Postharvest fertilizer on yield good recovery after the pomelo trees is very important. "Winter solstice" - "cold winter" fertilizer application. Winter due to the grapefruit tree in a semi sleep state, decrease the activity of the root force, low temperatures, less rain and fertilizer slow decomposition and fertilizer application root less direct impact on...

Two, the early spring is the root, shoot, grapefruit Changchun long flower, blossom, the fruit. This period is often rainy spring down or falling rain season, this period is the main method of fertilization thin fertilizer to be applied frequently to. The rain sunny methods of fertilizer applicator, dry weather water solution application etc.. In order to avoid the impact of root growth, especially to prevent the pomelo root rot, caused by grapefruit tree breakdown or death.
Three, the summer is long, Xia Shao grapefruit root, young fruit and fruit enlargement period. This period is an important period of annual fertilization and plant diseases and insect pests on occurrence period, this period is the summer typhoon heavy rain season, fertilization methods must be more mainly adopts thin fertilizer to be applied frequently method, it is best not to excessive one-time fertilization and fertilizing and furrowing and, in order to avoid long-term rain applied fertilizer ditch water. Mountain paddy fields, plain fields, low ridge paddy field, grapefruit to the thin fertilizer to be applied frequently way, the main can make fertilizer concentration to the absorption of the grapefruit root, reduce the loss of fertilizer. Because the weight of water in the cave once, or ditch, will make pomelo root rot, so that the force is weak until the risk of death. The summer rainy season, it accounted for more than 85% of the whole year before the end of fertilizer.
Four, autumn is the grapefruit root, long autumn shoots of fruit growing quickly, later turned to water and sugar accumulation in juice sacs flesh meat filling period. This period most of the year the typhoon rainy season, plant diseases and insect pests during the period of, this period grapefruit mainly less fertilizer is by the winter, spring and summer fertilization amount accounted for more than 85% of the annual and soil fertility to promote fruit enlargement, meat and flesh full complement, also prevents the breakdown of pomelo trees and cause of death.