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  • Function and cultivation of soil microorganism
    TIME: 2015-10-30
    Soil biological indicators, soil physical indicators and soil chemical indicators are important components of soil quality indicators. With people's cognition and understanding of the soil, the attention of the soil is no longer confined to the soil water, gas, heat, plant nutrition elements, etc., the soil microbial indicators are also more and more attention. The function of microorganism in soil is mainly expressed in the following aspects:

  • The disappearance of the soil minerals and our health
    TIME: 2015-10-28
    Nobel (Pauling Linus), twice Pauling prize winner, said: "every disease, every kind of disease can be traced to the lack of minerals." Today we encountered most of the problems are began to the grain in the lack of mineral land planted, and eat the food of animal.

  • Soil degradation, food security is worrying
    TIME: 2015-09-24
    With the contradiction between population and resources, the quality of soil and land resources has become increasingly serious. Since 1960s, the world has been concerned about this issue. And China is very serious, China's arable land accounts for only around 10% of the population is only 22%, China's per capita arable land area a few years ago had been reduced to the 1.4 acres, only 40% of the world average level, the red line of 18 million mu of arable land is broken alarm has been sounded, also the 18 million mu of tillage geology is accelerated decline. The area of arable land decreased and the quality of the decline, what we take to ensure food security, the problem is worrying.
  • Soil acidification: the origin of the vegetable soil borne disease
    TIME: 2015-09-17
    In recent years, similar to the Hunan cadmium rice event aspects of agricultural product safety accident prone, the safety of agricultural products has become the focus of attention. Hunger breeds discontentment, we all cannot do without meals. Up to the national leaders, to the ordinary people are increasingly concerned about the quality and safety of agricultural products. And many times the safety of agricultural products at the national level that the two sessions on the proposed research, stressed. Soil acidification is one of the important reasons leading to the serious soil borne diseases. The soil borne diseases cause the use of pesticides and the quality of agricultural products. According to statistics from related departments, the main vegetable planting area of 3 million mu, the soil borne diseases occurrence area 3.5 million acres around, each big city vegetable is particularly serious.
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