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  • 'tianshifu' and national model year around
    TIME: 2015-11-07
    The creek is located in the town of Zhang, Pinghe County, the county is all. Here all year round, such as spring, pleasant climate, fertile land, abundant rainfall. The rich, rich in rare fruit pomelo. As early as more than 400 years ago, was classified as a tribute to the imperial court, towards a new emperor Tongzhi bestow "in the West Garden in mind the letter" seal a medal and Qinglong's side, as a tribute to mark and ban. In 1857, Shi Hongbao in the Min miscellaneous notes, "wrote" Fujian various fruit, lychees, for beauty, tangerine and celebrities as well. Of peace throw (grapefruit), knight, fragrance must win ". According to the latest official statistics, in 2015 the local pomelo planting area of 650000 acres, the annual output will reach 1250000 tons.
  • 'tianshifu' soil conditioner Jiaoyuan guards
    TIME: 2015-11-01
    Nanning Tanluo town "XiXiangTang District, China banana township".
    Banana harvest season, banana fields full of a bow mast banana, the endless forest tracts of banana, each plant has two or three meters high, very lush foliage, a comb the huge banana banana tree pressure straight bend down, heavy ground hangs full branch, banana banana farmers are cut under loading, a row of long be loaded vehicles make other banana farmers envy.

  • Application of 'tianshifu' soil conditioner to realize the dream of getting rich
    TIME: 2015-10-28
    Guangxi Luzhai County, is the famous hometown of sugarcane.
    A few years ago, the dream of Zhenlong Luzhai Liu Tian Cun army did not think of, you can open the car, in the city to buy real. Is this two years, Liu Dajun by planting sugar cane to achieve their dreams of becoming rich.
    At first, working in Liu Dajun home watching the house next door Liu Dazhuang because the cultivation of sugar cane, not only to buy on the real, to marry the daughter-in-law, also bought a car, my heart also itch up by the work saved money in the past few years, in the village also contracted a few acres of land, the sugar cane, looking forward to a his dream of getting rich.

  • 'tianshifu' soil conditioner, solve the problem of soil power, safety, green agriculture
    TIME: 2015-10-24
    At present, in agricultural production, soil facing shortage of soil organic matter, soil compaction, heavy metal contamination of soil and pesticide pollution, soil acidification and salinization various farming disorder, a serious impediment to agricultural sustainable development and food security. In view of the problem, the scientific and effective comprehensive treatment, the restoration of soil ecosystem, and then to restore the agricultural ecosystem, has become one of the important issues in agricultural production.
  • The thick orange tianshifu 'Nostalgia' Paul harvest
    TIME: 2015-10-20
    Orange, because of its taste as sweet as sugar named.
    Early summer season, all things flourish. Sihui City under Mao Zhen Nan Tang Cun large concave slope, 700 acres of sugar with a citrus, lush foliage. At this point, the sugar tree have been Guaguo, trees everywhere is patches of green tangerine seed, although now a small, but each one solid full, the morning dew attached in the above crystal clear. We arrived early in the morning to the orchard, fruit grower Qiu Qiuhua couple have been erased orange summer shoot to promote its early, mature. 'master chef Tian' acidic soil improvement demonstration plots brand eye-catching erected at the edge of the Orchard Road, like a loyal guard, watch this piece of harvest orchard.

  • Yuan Longping "super rice" 1026.7 kilograms per mu
    TIME: 2015-10-15
    October 10th, the Ministry of Agriculture held a news conference, the Ministry of agriculture science and technology education secretary Tang Ke introduced the agricultural science and technology innovation, and answer questions from reporters.
  • Effect of continuous cropping on Soil
    TIME: 2015-10-11
    Due to the subject to restrictions and producers of cultivated land quantity and climatic conditions of high economic benefit pursuit, vegetable production in China widespread problem of excessive application of chemical fertilizer, highly intensive production, high multiple crop index, single species of vegetable cultivation, years of continuous cropping and soil physical and chemical properties of evil.
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