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Biological organic fertilizer use problem solution

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In recent years, the negative impact of long-term excessive use of chemical fertilizers has become increasingly prominent. Organic fertilizer can not only provide comprehensive nutrition for crop and fertilizer efficiency long, increased and turnover of soil organic matter, promote microbial growth, improve soil physical and chemical properties and biological activity, is the main nutrient of green food production. But there are many mistakes in the use and production of organic fertilizer. This issue of the hot line will be targeted at these errors...
Q: what is organic fertilizer?
Answer: in general, organic fertilizer, commonly known as farmyard manure, including animal and plant residues or metabolites (human and animal feces, straw, etc.) biogas fertilizer and green manure. From narrow sense, refers to various animal waste (including animal waste, animal waste processing) and plant residues (leaves, twigs and peat), the physical, chemical, biological or some combination of the three processing technology, through a certain process (reactor system, high temperature, etc.) eliminate the harmful substances (harmful pathogens, insect eggs, weed seeds, etc.) to the harmless level and form, in line with the laws and regulations and the relevant state standard (ny525-2012) fertilizer.
Question: how to judge the organic fertilizer is good or bad?
Answer: identification of organic fertilizer is good or bad, farmers can take a look at a rough, two, three, four, the method to evaluate the quality of organic fertilizer. Look, look at the packaging is a product registration certificate, technical indicators, the product is valid, the corresponding production standards, and then observe the existence of different organic fertilizer organic fertilizer mold, if its moldy, organic fertilizer is that harmful bacteria infection, applied this kind of organic fertilizer on crop production safety problems; two smell, smell the smell of organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer in the hands together and then spread out, if there is a pungent odor of ammonia that is incompletely fermented organic fertilizer or pH is not suitable for the problem, this one will be a large number of organic fertilizer nitrogen into ammonia gas to fly, organic fertilizer to reduce three; catch a handful of fertilizer, observed in the sun, Yin Chao is a dry ash, all non normal products; four burn, can be called a certain quality organic fertilizer poured a small amount of alcohol to burn fully, the use of formula The content of organic matter, which is the quality of the burnt before and after the burning, the quality of the burnt, and the organic matter content of the packing bag, the difference is very big. Question: biological organic fertilizer and common organic fertilizer difference?
Answer: compared with ordinary organic fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer containing a large number of active microorganisms. The Yantai Academy of Agricultural Sciences experts repeatedly test. It is found that the Yantai local microbial fermentation production of biological organic fertilizer (manure) on fruit trees in disease prevention, anti cropping effect is very obvious, and can relieve encountered in the production of the size of the problem in the. So biological organic fertilizer is better than common organic fertilizer products. Q: how to use the manure production of organic fertilizer?
Answer: bio organic fertilizer can produce their own, usually used in composting + strains can be achieved, including raw composting can use of Yantai local straw, soybean meal, excrement and urine, the branches of the fruit tree and other. Currently used in the market for the fermentation of organic fertilizer, a lot of bacteria, usually EM bacteria, yeast, Bacillus subtilis, etc.. Yantai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the experts have to prepare various applicable to bean cake, chicken manure, cow dung, and the branches of the fruit tree and other material fermentation special strain, find out the suitable fermentation condition, can provide technical assistance and support for the majority of the city farmer friend.


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